The summer holidays started with a week of discovery and adventure in Culbin Forest. What a week had by all of our intrepid explorers as we set off to discover the wild and enchanting Culbin Forest on our Minecraft Residential Camp.

After travelling by boat across the Findhorn Bay, we trekked into the woodland and set up camp, where we would spend the next 4 days. We were then hot on the trails of some elusive forest and coastal animals, as well as discovering eggs freshly laid by a Minecraft Enderdragon. Our adventurers uncovered new bushcraft skills as they crafted leather pouches, built their own rafts and lit pine cone torches as the sunset over the beach. Evenings were spent sitting around the campfire, regaling tales from the day’s adventures and cozying up for the night in our hammocks, under the stars.

An unforgettable adventure.