Three For The Sea!

3-4-C is an exciting new initiative where we share what we are DOING to care for our Oceans.

We want to celebrate your acts of kindness, conservation and consideration that help look after our magnificent seas and all that lives there. By sharing your actions, you might give others great ideas and inspire them to act too. So, don’t be shy, start sharing and together we can make a difference!

Why not join us… it’s going to be fun!

Please see below an interview with Jennie our Executive Director to learn more about 3-4-C and how you can get involved! Use the #Three4Sea hashtag to tag us in your posts on social media.

An Interview with Wild things! Executive Director, Jennie Martin


What exactly is 3-4-C

3-4-C is a platform where we can share what each of us are doing in our daily lives to care for our Oceans. Examples might be that today you refused a lid for your takeaway coffee cup or you made someone a present out of recycled materials rather than buying new things. It is a way to share great ideas so that we can all learn from each other and put our hand behind our heart!


What does that mean? Hand behind our Heart?

We all care about the state of the Oceans and want to do something to stop the biodiversity loss, pollution and changing temperatures of the seas. However is caring enough? What really matters is what we do. The hand behind our heart is just that, showing we care. Wouldn’t you rather someone showed you they loved you rather than just told you? This is just that… we want to hear from people and the wonderful ways they are showing they care!


Why 3 for the Sea… WHY not 1000?

Three is achievable…if you hit 1000 all the better. However, we want to support us all feeling empowered and that together we really can make a difference. One thousand can feel overwhelming and we can feel totally paralysed against the enormity of the problem. However the small things do matter. I have been known to say… how do you think Apple became such a successful company… it was because one person bought one phone, one computer, one tablet etc. We can do this, refusing one less single use plastic item at a time etc etc


What was the inspiration behind this project?

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a European Marine Science Educators Association Conference in Malta (EMSEA17). The four days were a great insight into all the incredible work being done in Europe and beyond towards protecting and caring for our Oceans. It was an honour to meet such a variety of educators, scientists and environmentalists, and I left the conference with this quote in my head from the famous cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist.

3-4-C came out of my time at the conference and my watching the heart breaking film A Plastic Ocean. Of course, my love for the Ocean also had something to do with it as well!


We love this idea! So how do we get involved?

Share your actions! Schools, children, families, organisations, adults… we want to hear from you. Hop over to our Facebook page and share how you are putting your muscles behind your mouths.

There are only two rules:

  1. 1. No negativity, only positivity. That means no judgement on what people are doing, or what you feel they could be doing. We only want encouragement and support for what people are sharing – their actions are ideas that may inspire many! Post words, videos, pictures… we want it all!


  1. 2. We’re all about action. 3-4-C is about how we are putting our muscle behind our mouths. Share three things you did today, this month or this year. Share them one at a time or three in a row just please keep on sharing! And, of course, you don’t need to stop at three!


Jennie, thank you so much for sharing this exciting initiative with us. Hop on over to the Three For The Sea Facebook Page to see what’s happening!