We were absolutely thrilled to have an article about our Wild Women Day featured in The Northern Scot. We have to say a massive thank you to Jenny Gillies for joining us, we were delighted to read about how much Jenny enjoyed her day, despite the weather conspiring against us!

Below is an excerpt from Jenny’s article. Follow the link at the bottom of the page if you would like to read the article in full.


Not everybody wants to run, trek, climb or kayak their way through the wilderness (apparently) so Jenny Gillies took a slower-paced view of the outdoors on a Wild Women day at Findhorn.

The weather certainly got in the spirit of my Wild Women outdoors day. Saturday morning started wet and windy, and the steady rain was forecast to continue all day.

The event was organised by Wild Things, an environmental education charity based in Findhorn, whose aim is to give all ages the chance to be inspired by and learn from the natural environment and wilderness regions of Scotland.

The ethos of Wild Things interests me, as the charity wants to encourage all of us into the outdoors regardless of fitness and circumstance.

I usually experience the outdoors through my running and thought that time spent learning skills and connecting with nature would provide a new perspective on familiar landscapes.

Jennie Martin, one of the founders of Wild Things, was our leader for the day. She is passionate about women gaining confidence and learning skills that many still think of as male tasks. She doesn’t feel it’s necessarily a feminist thing, but a chance for women to challenge themselves and each other in a supportive, non-competitive setting.

The reasons for attending were varied – some wanted to gain new skills or refresh ones gained previously, some to meet new people, de-stress, or gain a better understanding of our environment while spending time outside.

Loaded up with kit for the day, we set off into the woods, dodging puddles and stopping regularly to learn about the trees and plants we passed.


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