Wildlife Watching and Foraging Experience


Forage in a remote part of Culbin Forest, bushcraft experience and wildlife watch.


Wildlife Watching and Foraging Experience #1


This adventure begins with a short boat trip from Findhorn across the mouth of the bay and landing at Culbin Forest, where you can explore in peace and tranquility far from the usual tourist routes.  There will be opportunities to see seals and feeding ospreys.  During our two hour trek, our guide will introduce you to an array of wildlife including shorebirds and introduce the various legends including a buried village.

Opportunities to learn how to forage for wild food and bushcraft will also form part of the experience.

A unique experience with the internationally renowned Findhorn Bay as a backdrop, which provides a stunning location to spot iconic Scottish wildlife and also learn about Scotland’s coastal heritage.

This experience starts at 10am and runs until 12.30pm

Osprey with fish on the river Findhorn