Introduction to Bushcraft

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This two day course provides a super introduction to the wonderful world of bushcraft.

Introduction to Bushcraft For Outdoor Leaders is an accredited two-day course for anyone who is looking to embark on the first steps into the world of bushcraft and traditional living skills. This course is the perfect introduction to basic bushcraft if you have ever wondered about wild foods, or wanted to know more about knots.


This course has been designed to be informative and fun, with the goal that by the end of the training all participants will have had the opportunity to try out a range of skills. Participants will learn about safe and effective use of cutting tools, identification of plants and their uses, building natural shelters, traditional fire lighting, and campfire cooking.

Bushcraft is a wonderful way to enjoy spending time outdoors, as well as learning more about the natural environment and how cultures have interacted with and lived in nature since time immemorial.

Introduction to Bushcraft For Outdoor Leaders is an NCFE accredited two-day course which is benchmarked at Level 2.