Silver Saplings

Our Silver Saplings project brings nature and people together for a greater sense of connection to Scotland’s great outdoors whilst simultaneously improving the health and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable members of our society.


  • The project delivers a wide range of activities including:
  • – Taking older people on exciting day trips to places of natural beauty and ecological interest.
  • – Working with residents in care homes who have limited mobility.
  • – Engaging children, teenagers and adults with outdoor health and wellbeing activities.

– Developing accredited outdoor leadership training designed to help unpaid and professional carers do more with loved ones and clients outdoors.

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It’s made me a lot happier. I suffer from depression a lot and coming out with Wild things! gets me into nature, which I love. It gets me with other people, which I’m also very fond of and I just love these days out.” Anna

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