Silver Saplings in Action

Why Silver Saplings?

It is clear that society is becoming disengaged from the outdoors and this is impacting upon children’s health and well being. Studies have shown that exposure to outdoors can lead to a reduction in measured physiological stress indicators such as blood pressure and heart rate, and that it reduces stress hormones, including cortisol.  Play Scotland highlight that “There is a staggering amount of evidence that outdoor play is an essential part of children’s health and happiness, yet children face more barriers to playing outside than ever before.

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5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing

Our Partners include:

Moray Wellbeing Hub  Re-Engage  NHS Grampian   Alzheimer Scotland  Moray UHI  RSPB  Andersons Care Home  Meadowlark Care Home

The difference we’ll make

Our overall project goal is to improve health and wellbeing through providing opportunities for connection with the natural environment, offering lasting ‘green prescriptions’ to our participants. Wild things! will create lasting change in communities across North East Scotland. Just some of the activities will include:-

Day Trips: Our day trip activities are carefully designed to ensure older people can confidently and safely access the

Care Home Activities: These activities enable residents with limited mobility to gain confidence and exercise outdoors,

Growing Wild & Well: Teenagers and vulnerable adults will gain confidence by undertaking an 8 day naturalist and practical outdoor course.

Little Saplings: We will provide inspiring 6 week health and wellbeing Forest School programmes for primary age children

Silver Saplings key outcomes will be as follows:-

  • People build confidence to spend time outdoors
  • People increase their engagement with local natural environments
  • People build new social connections and support networks in their local community
  • People improve their mental and physical health


Wild things! carried out a short pilot in 2018 to test whether there was demand for a larger scale project creating opportunities for young and old people to spend time in natural environments. Through this pilot, Wild things! gathered qualitative feedback from project participants that demonstrates both the demand for outdoor activities as well as the positive effects on their mental and physical health and wellbeing.