Field Botany and Plant Uses

Are you curious about plants? Would you like to be able to identify them more easily or know what they can be used for? Learn about Field Botany and Plant Uses on these absorbing 2-day courses.

Two-day courses for students to learn how to identify plants as well as exploring and discovering plant uses both historically and in present day. All courses are hands on, practical and require a passion for the wonderful world of the green, pink, yellow, and purple.

Learn how to identify plants and explore their uses both historically and in the present day.

Our Field Botany and Plant Uses programme is broken down into separate modules: How to identify plants in the field; Wild food and fibres; Medicines and metabolites; Tree I.D. bark and baskets. Students can opt to book one module as a stand alone, or book all four to gain a more in depth level of understanding of the subject.

On these stimulating two day courses students will learn how to identify plants by exploring their shared patterns, properties and uses. The courses are based around a simple but very effective approach to learning field botany ensuring that no walk in the woods, by the coast, or on the mountain tops will ever be the same again!

Like our other courses, there will be a strong emphasis on experiential learning. Assessments are based on both practical and classroom skills. Topics covered will include: using flora, plant terms, parts and functions, plants by families, properties and uses.

All courses are hands on and practical, and also require basic literacy skills

Identify plants by learning how to use a flora and recognising the key characteristics of our most common plant families. By the end of this course you will be able to identify over half the plant species in the UK to family!

Learn about the fascinating world of wild food and fibres.  By the end of the weekend you will be able to identify different plants for harvesting safely and sustainably as well as creating a wild food feast to share! You will also discover the world of plant fibres, where they come from, what they have been used for as well as having a go at making some rope from plant materials yourself.

How many plants have saved the lives of our loved ones? Learn about the medicinal properties of our native plants and how they have been used as medicines both historically and at present. As part of this course you will also get the chance at making some herbal preparations.

Ever wondered what tree you are having your picnic under or what wood burns honest. Learn how to start identifying some of our native trees and how humans have used their bark and fibres through history. As part of this course you will also have the chance to learn about the structure of wood and bark as well as weave your very own basket to take home with you!

Our Field Botany courses are just £150 each. Students can opt to book one module as a stand alone, or book all four and gain a 10% discount. The course fee includes tuition, assessment, registration fees, and all necessary materials. The fee does not include accommodation or any meals. We can supply a list of nearby accommodation for each venue if required.

Select your course from the options and dates listed and complete the online booking form and make payment to confirm your place.

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