3 Reasons to Learn Something New in 2018

New Year, New Skills? Life’s too short not to keep learning something new. And with the range of courses we have available at Wild things! there is nowhere better to do that than here.

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A new year can feel like a new start, the perfect opportunity to make a change or learn something new. For many of us that means discovering exciting new skills. Among all of the clichéd goals to cease the things we know are bad for us, it can nice to think about the positive things we can add to our lives instead.

1. Enhance Your Employability

Looking for a new career? Learning new skills can also have benefits like helping towards securing a new job. Upskilling in search of a new career always features highly amongst goals at the start of a new year. As does the notion to become fitter and healthier, by spending more time enjoying nature and being active outdoors. But what if you could combine the two?

2. Gain Some New Skills

Our accredited leader training courses cover many of the skills you need to branch out into a new, or enhance your existing, career as an outdoor educator: from planning and logistics through to conservation, bushcraft and exploring the world of the naturalist.

3. Feel Healthier and Happier

Whether or not picking up new skills makes you smarter or more employable, it can certainly make you happier.  And isn’t that what it is all about? Commitment to making a positive life change need not be about becoming great at something. It should be about becoming a better, happier, or more fulfilled version of yourself.

Make the most of 2018. Spending your days in the outdoors can gain you new skills, improve your personal wellbeing, and build your professional abilities. Find more details about our accredited courses by following the links below. We hope to see you around one of our camp fires this year.

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