We are so excited to announce that Jennie Martin, Wild things! founder and Executive Director has WON the Environmental Award for the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland 2014. This is such a tremendous honour for Jennie and for Wild things! but we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support and votes – so a BIG thank you for helping us make this possible. We were overwhelmed and touched by all the support given so thank you everyone!

spirit of scotland awards

JM and Alison Harrison JM and finalists

Jennie comments, “When I was told that I was nominated for this award I was deeply honored to be considered alongside such notable Scottish figures. I was also delighted that the important work of Wild things! was being recognised in such a way.

“I am touched to have been given this award and by all the people who took the time for vote for Wild things (as well as the person who initial put us forward to the vote). I started Wild things! over 11 years ago with a small grant of £5,000 from the National Lottery. We now employ 6 people, have over 10 freelancers, 45 volunteers, and have worked with over 12,000 children, teenagers and adults over the years. Our connection to the natural world can make us so much more than we think we are able to be. It can stretch the boundaries of what we think is possible, invigorate our hearts bodies and minds, as well as being a fantastic landscape within which to make meaningful friendship. This is all aside from the fact that it feeds and clothes us, treats our illness and so much more. How can we not care for such a precious commodity? That is what Wild things does… one programme, one activity, one client, one camp fire or conservation project at a time. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to vote – this wouldn’t have been possible without you.”